It’s really important to keep the sprinkler system in optimal condition to maintain your lawn all year long. Thus, it can really get troublesome if it starts to act up in the Sun City, Georgetown Texas area. Here are the common reasons for problematic sprinkler systems that you should always be careful about.

Broken Pipes

The first thing you need to check is if there are any broken or cracked pipes. You can notice that the pressure gradually drops in case there are. Also, you can notice puddles of water in the areas where a pipe is. Pipes used in residential areas are mostly made from PVC, making them prone to cracking.

One of the reasons why these pipes are exposed to pressure is a car moving over the ground where the pipes are. The downward pressure exerts much force that can result in the pipes getting distorted, cracked, bent, or broken. Plant roots such as trees can also cause the pressure to build up.

Varying ground temperatures also contribute to the breakage of pipes. Cold temperature results in contraction while extremely hot temperature results in the expansion of the soil. After you find out the root of the problem, you can dig the area around where the pipe is and just install a new one.

Broken or Blocked Sprinkler Head

A minimal amount of water, irregular flow of water, or no water at all in more than one area can be pointed out to a broken or blocked sprinkler head. One way to notice this is by checking for water puddles that continuously grow on the part where the sprinkler head is. Random dry and wet patches could be an indicator as well.

Many conditions can be attributed to this. The sprinkler can be loose, blocked, jammed, or cracked. You just need to either clean, adjust, or replace it to let the water flow normally and make the sprinkler function properly.


Now you understand the 2 most common causes why your sprinkler system is acting up. Whenever you need help, Georgetown Irrigation Specialists is here to provide excellent sprinkler repair services in Georgetown and Sun City. Whatever the causes of your sprinkler problems, our sprinkler solutions are certified and sought-after in these areas. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you shoo the problem away.