When your sprinkler system is malfunctioning, there can be a wide variety of different problems that is causing your sprinkler to not work properly. Rather than installing an entirely new sprinkler system (which is incredibly expensive), it is a much better option to hire a sprinkler repair service that is not only able to diagnose the source of the problem that is causing your sprinkler system to malfunction, but is also able to complete the necessary repairs and maintenance on your sprinkler system in order to restore the system to its previously working state and prevent further repairs from needing to be performed. Sprinkler repair is often a simple service that doesn’t take a lot of time, and your presence is not necessary to fix the sprinkler, as all of the work that is completed will be done outside of your home. This means that you can rest easy even if you are away from your home, knowing that our professional staff is outside of your home completing the repairs.


What are the Benefits of Repair over New Installation?

A sprinkler system is a very complex mechanism that includes the timer, many different pipes that carry water to the sprinkler heads underground, and the sprinkler heads themselves, which rise above the ground to water your lawn. Installing a brand new sprinkler system could end up costing your hundreds or thousands of dollars, not to mention the damage that completely removing the system and re-installing a new one does to your yard. The sprinkler system that you have in your yard is designed to maintain your grass and ensure that the yard looks its best, no matter what season it is.

When the old sprinkler system is dug up and a new one is installed, it takes away from the job that your sprinkler system holds, and damages your yard. This is counter-productive to the entire reason that you would want a sprinkler system installed in your yard in the 1st place.


Pricing Benefits 

Sprinkler repair is normally less expensive service to hire, as the pricing of a sprinkler repair service is well below that of a service that would install an entirely new sprinkler system. Having your sprinkler repaired and any maintenance done could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the alternative, which is to install an entirely new sprinkler system.


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