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What is Moist & Soggy?

In order to provide clarity on these terms, we decided to provide additional information for our clients and readers here in Sun City, Georgetown Texas area. What is Moist? Moist is defined as being damp; it can traditionally dry in […]

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Tips for Watering Trees Less Than 2 Years Old

At Georgetown Irrigation Specialists, we are asked about general and practical watering tips for lawns, shrubs, plants, and trees alike on a regular basis. So in continuation of the previous article, we figure we would provide more specifics for trees […]

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Tips for Watering Newly Planted Trees

Here are a few general tips on how to water a newly planted tree in your yard regardless if it is for a home or a business here in the Georgetown, Sun City Texas area. The fact is when trees […]

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Sprinkler Systems Increase the Value of Your Home Almost 20%

In recent years research has been performed on what areas of the home raise the value in the easiest way possible without a lot of hard or expensive construction to the structure of the home. It’s been determined that an […]

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How to Conserve Water with Your Sprinkler System

If you’re currently a home owner and have a yard which suffers during the hot summer months by drying out and turning brown you may want to consider having a professional company install a sprinkler system. An irrigation system for […]

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Tips on How to Protect Your Sprinkler System from Dogs

When it comes to dogs and sprinkler systems, it seems that many stories begin with the line: “Well, there’s this dog…” But in the end, many conclude with the words: “He bites off the watering jets of our irrigation system.” […]

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Tips for an Eco-Friendly Sprinkler System

  There is a common misconception that keeping a well-hydrated yard and helping the environment conserve water do not coincide. However, here at Georgetown Irrigation Specialists, we believe that having an eco-friendly sprinkler system is more than possible; it is […]

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When to Turn On Your Sprinkler System

When it comes to sprinkler systems we often get asked when to turn them on? Our loyal Texas customers get worried about freezes, which is a viable concern in the cold winter months. Sometimes freezes can come early and destroy […]

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Why a Sprinkler Control System

Sprinkler systems are a great way to keep a lawn watered and taken care of. They make it easy to adequately water without wasting the precious resource and save you on your monthly cost. One of the most important aspects […]

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Can a Sprinkler System Conserve Water

It takes considerable work to get a yard looking nice and after all the hard work and finally having healthy green grass and full blooming trees it’s important that you maintain a healthy atmosphere for your yard to flourish. It’s […]

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