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Things You Must Know About Your Sprinklers

To make sure that you irrigate your yard or land properly, you must know about the basics. After all, your yard makes the first impression of your home. Here are a few important things you should know about sprinklers. Installation  […]

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All About Professional Sprinkler System Installation

Are you fed up of dragging around your old sprinkler system after every few days in the yard? Indeed, watering your yard yourself can be exhausting, difficult, time-consuming, and inefficient. Instead, getting a sprinkler system installed form a professional sprinkler […]

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Things Sprinkler Repair Professionals Consider When Designing a Sprinkler package

When choosing a sprinkler package, there are numerous options available that make it difficult for you to select one on your own. For this reason, the professionals Georgetown Irrigation Specialists, deals in sprinklers and sprinkler repairs in Georgetown and Sun […]

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Benefits of a Well-Kept Irrigation System for Landscaping

As a homeowner, first impressions are important. Whether you are new to the neighborhood, impressing guests from your community or workplace, or you are simply maintaining a good environment for your family, the first impression of your home can last. […]

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How to Make your Sprinkler System Bloom in Spring?

The sun is up; the flowers are in full bloom; the birds are chirping – spring is ready to embrace your house. To keep this scenic sight, your next step as a homeowner is to get your sprinkler system up […]

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Sprinkler vs Rust: Preventing and Removing Iron from your Irrigation System

Having rust could mean the death of an irrigation system – and this is not just being dramatic. If rust or iron contaminates your water system and the water touches parts of your house such as driveways, sidewalks, fences, drainages, […]

Winter is Coming: Preparing Sprinklers for Snow

Preparing your sprinkler system for the winter must be done efficiently, carefully in order to prevent costly replacements and repairs. The process mostly involves removing the water from the system, as water tends to freeze, leading to breakage in pipes, […]

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What is the Sprinkler System Cleaning Process?

Here at Georgetown Irrigation Specialists, we are commonly asked if there is an easy way to clean a sprinkler system. This being said we wrote this short article to cover this point. Before you start cleaning your sprinkler system, it is […]

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When Should You Clean Your Sprinklers?

Here at Georgetown Irrigation Specialists, we are commonly asked when should you clean your sprinklers. This being said we wrote this short article to cover this point. First when sprinkler systems are turned off during winter months, they should be […]

Tips for Watering Newly Planted Trees

Here are a few general tips on how to water a newly planted tree in your yard regardless if it is for a home or a business here in the Georgetown, Sun City Texas area. The fact is when trees […]

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