One of the most common sprinkler repairs we at Georgetown Irrigation System encounter here in Sun City and Georgetown, Texas is sprinkler leaks. Whether the leak is in the pipe, control valve, or sprinkler head, this type of repair is not a cause for alarm… As long as professionals act on it immediately. If left unattended, leaks will eventually cause more serious damages not only to your sprinkler system, but also to your lawn, plants, and outdoor furniture. Through time leaks can also lead to irreparable damages, and replacements can be very costly.

Another problem with leaks is that they are hard to detect to the untrained eye, until the damage has grown over time. More often than not the signs of a leak become apparent only until after a few days or weeks at least when you notice the water bill is up, there is uneven distribution of water, or the soil has become soggy. Again, the best way to prevent leaks from further damaging your irrigation system is by having experts take a look. In the meantime, here are the most common causes of sprinkler leaks.

Leaking Control Valve

This is often the case when more than one sprinkler head is continuously leaking or when water is running 24 hours non-stop even when your sprinkler system has not been turned on or is already shut down. Moss or algae eventually grows on the sidewalk and puddles form in the grass after the consistent flow of water. In terms of repair, the control valve needs to be disassembled, cleaned, repaired or have certain parts replaced, then reassembled. It is best to call professionals in this case since repairing one’s control valve is rarely a DIY task.

Low Head Drainage

Low head drainage usually occurs when the sprinkler system is installed on a sloped area. After turning your sprinklers off, water drains out through the lowest sprinkler head and is replaced with air. Later on, if you turn the sprinklers on and you notice air spewing and spitting out, then you likely have a low drainage problem. Not only does your water get wasted, the air pressure can take a toll on your pipe and valve. This problem can be solved by having a drain check valve installed on the sprinklers and lateral lines.

Clogged Sprinkler Head or Nozzle

Never underestimate the importance of regular sprinkler system maintenance. It is easy to have any debris, dirt, mud, trash, or overgrown grass clog the sprinkler head or nozzle and hinder water flow. In some cases the dirt or debris can clog so much that there is no flow at all.

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