When there is an evident problem in the sprinkler you have, you must not delay calling a professional here in the Georgetown, Sun City Texas area. Neglecting small problems in the initial stages can transform them into bigger ones that require costly repairs. Sprinklers that work inefficiently will lead to dry areas on your lawns, overly damp areas, and different diseases and weed production.

Here are some common issues that the sprinklers face.

Clogged Sprinkler

Appliances and equipments, particularly those that use or are linked with water, attract dirt and debris over time. With dirt being present in the filter or nozzle of the sprinkler, the water obviously doesn’t get as far as it should or in as much quantity as needed.

Leaking Sprinkler

The most common reason behind leaking sprinklers is the lawn mower or any vehicles traveling over the head of the sprinklers and damaging them. Another reason is the passing of time, which leads to the seal being worn out.

If you have a sprinkler that leaks, it can cause numerous other problems such as dry areas in the lawn, soggy areas around the leaks, which can cause diseases and weeds, and high water bills. This is what makes it important to hire a professional dealing in sprinkler repairs in Georgetown and Sun City, Texas, on an urgent basis.


Sprinklers that are not correctly positioned will lead to over spraying. The water that lands outside the zone of the lawn simply leads to a wastage of water and will bring high bills and lawn problems.

Blocked Sprinkler

It is good to regularly check the area around each sprinkler to ensure nothing is obstructing the water flow. The obstructions could include plants, trash cans, or overhanging branches.

If you need help on resolving these issues or anything else that involves with repairing, then call us today at (512) 864-1375 to talk to the Georgetown Irrigation Specialists.