Summer is here and it’s important that your sprinkler system is operating at its optimal levels of functionality. Our grasses health depends on proper hydration and irrigation during the long hot summer months. When your system is running smooth and operating properly your lawn will remain green and full, but when it is damaged your lawn may suffer and turn dry and brown. Sprinkler systems like all other manmade mechanical systems are prone to damage and malfunctioning components.

When your sprinklers don’t operate at optimal levels a diagnosis of the system is oftentimes required to return it to optimal levels of functionality. Fixing the system may require a simple procedure that only takes a few moments or the problems may take a lot of time, effort and skill that only a professional sprinkler service can provide. Before you rush to fix an issue it’s important to know what problems are common, and it be more beneficial to your sprinkler system, yard and bank account to hire a professional to fix the problem.

Common Sprinkler Problems

  • Broken Sprinkler Heads – Anything from a lawnmower to a child can break the head off a sprinkler and when a head breaks off the resulting water spurt can cause huge pooling and unwanted saturation to the surrounding area.
  • Broken Pipes – Pipes can break from freezes and water expansion, overloads of pressure due to blockage and even rust on older pipes. A leak or break in a pipe can lead to excessive underground damage and saturation.
  • No Watering – If the sprinkler won’t water it can be due to blockage in the head or the underground pipe.
  • Sprinkler Doesn’t Retract – Pebbles, dirt and sand can all cause a retractable sprinkler head to malfunction.
  • Erratic Sprinkler Behaviors – When a sprinkler isn’t acting normal it may be due to the malfunction of the sprinkler control system or other electrical components of the system.


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