Whether you’re a newbie or long-time landscaping homeowner, your sprinkler system can still encounter problems. The best thing to do is to act on them immediately to avoid damages and extra cost. Here are some of the most common sprinkler problems and quick fixes that you can do.

Clogged / Blocked Sprinklers — Dirt, mud, debris from a storm, insects, food particles, and grass cuttings can easily make their way into your sprinkler heads, screens, and nozzles and stop or hinder the proper functioning of your irrigation system altogether.

Your sprinkler heads are clogged when the spraying is uneven or if there is no release of water at all. If your sprinklers are only partially blocked, you can fix this by using a stiff wire or paper clip to clear the hole from debris or mud. If your sprinkler head is brimming with dirt and mud, you will have to remove it from the sleeve, soak it, and thoroughly rinse it with clean water. Don’t forget to clean the other parts as well. However, if it’s still clogged by debris or sand which is out of your reach, then your sprinkler head may need replacement.

Wrong Placement — Sprinkler heads that are placed too high or too low are likely to get broken. If your sprinkler heads are tilted way above the ground, they will be more prone to getting stepped on or run over and will likely spray unevenly. If your heads are sunken or placed too low on the ground, they are more vulnerable to getting clogged by dirt or grass.

The best thing to do here is to level your sprinkler heads perpendicular or of equal level to the ground (or half an inch above the soil). Next, make sure that you have replaced the lose topsoil around it with tightly-packed dirt so it will be kept firmly in place.

Leaks / Broken Stem — This is usually caused by incorrect installation of your sprinkler heads, aftermath of winter, landscaping tasks like mowing and gardening, or even outdoor activities by guests or family members. The best way to fix this and to avoid costly damages over time is to call irrigation specialists immediately.

Although most of these issues are caused by external forces, it is still important to get your irrigation system regularly checked and maintained not only by you, but also by experts. Give us a call here at Georgetown Irrigation Specialists for a more thorough analysis of your sprinklers. Currently we are help businesses and homeowners alike in Georgetown, Sun City Texas area.