If you’re the proud owner of new home and have to take care of all the landscaping you may find yourself asking the all too common question, “Is right now a good time to get a sprinkler system installed?”

The answer depends entirely on where your progress lies in the landscaping; there are certain steps that need to be taken before getting your sprinkler system installed.

Steps to Take to Get a System Installed

A sprinkler system will be one of the last installations a home gets before it is completed. The reason being is that it takes careful planning by a professional company to successfully install a system, and the company will have to take several different factors into consideration when planning the layout for the sprinkler system.

Some of the Factors to Consider Are:

  • Where the foundation of the home is and what type it is
  • Where major vegetation rests such as trees and large bushes
  • Fencing and property lines
  • Ground elevations, pockets and slopes
  • Other landscaping elements which can affect drainage

As you can see there are several factors which have to be taken into consideration before an adequate sprinkler system design plan can even be considered. The main reason is that all of the above elements change and shape a yard. Therefore a sprinkler system is most likely going to be installed just before a lawn is planted or seeded.

What to Do

The best thing you can do is to contact us early in the design of the yard so we can start planning your system. Our experts can help in adequate planning procedures and work closely with landscapers and contractors to install the best system for your home.

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