If you’re currently a home owner and have a yard which suffers during the hot summer months by drying out and turning brown you may want to consider having a professional company install a sprinkler system. An irrigation system for your home can save a yard from discoloration and since a lawn is one of the focal points of the home, it’s important that it is kept looking lush and healthy.

Here are a Few Tips on How to Conserve Water

  • When you speak with your sprinkler or irrigation specialists ask them about water efficient sprinkler heads. State of the art heads offer less water usage and are more efficient at hitting an even spray. In the case where you already have a system installed ask about getting old damage heads replaced.


  • After installation ask your specialists to make sure that all the heads are adjusted properly to give an appropriate spray pattern. The goal is to have the water only spraying the needed areas and not unwanted areas like sidewalks or the side of the house where the water runs off or simply evaporates and is wasted.


  • After your heads have been installed, replaced and/or adjusted ask your sprinkler service provider to perform a run-off test. The test will indicate where water is pooling and how long it takes to drain in the areas of the lawn. Once times have been determined your specialist can set the timer for appropriate times to ensure that your lawn gets the correct amount of water.


  • The last tip to conserve water is to have the timer set to water in the early morning when the temperature is at its coolest and the risk of evaporation is at a minimal.


With these quick tips and the help of irrigational professional your yard will be in good shape for the upcoming spring and hot summer months ahead.

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