For 40 years, Irritrol has been providing irrigation products to various residential and commercial establishments. The company offers a wide range of high-quality and easy to install irrigation products including controllers, valves, spray heads, and rotors. The long-standing tenure of the company in the industry is an indication of the trust and confidence it has built with its clientele.

Irritrol takes pride in the reliability, quality and innovation of its products. Through the years, the brand has offer lots of innovations in sprinkler technology and continues to do so.

Aside from general irrigation products, Irritrol also offers innovative irrigation accessories designed for better user experience.

Irritrol Products

Irritrol is a one-stop irrigation products shops with a wide variety of products including:

  • Controllers – Controllers from Irritrol have been the choice of many contractors due to their reliability and ease of use. There are more than 40 models to choose from with new additions over time including the new PC Control which can be operated using a personal computer.
  • Valves – The brand has been the pioneer in introducing PVC, Glass-Filled Nylon and Jar-Top valves in the irrigation industry and continues to provide such products with industry-standard reliability and performance.
  • Spray heads – Irritrol spray heads are designed not only with quality and reliability but also with great value and savings. Irritrol is also the creator of the Smart Grip design providing ease of adjustment.
  • Rotors – Known for its durability, ease of adjustment and reliability, Rotors from Irritrol are designed to meet the requirements of irrigation professionals, entrepreneurs and homeowners.

Irritrol still continues to create innovative irrigation products today including the Climate Logic and Rain Sensors to provide more efficiency and convenience to sprinkler users in both residential and commercial establishments. It also provides different support services to its clients including controller repair support, troubleshooting, marketing support and online support.

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