As much as it is important to keep your lawn healthy and green, we at Georgetown Irrigation Specialists always tell our customers in Georgetown and Sun City to never ignore their sprinklers. It is normal for sprinkler systems to suffer from damage or wear and tear, but it is vital to have them inspected and repaired right away. If you let yours continue to run despite the damage, your lawn, water bills, and even nearby structure might get affected.

Below are tell-tale signs that your current sprinkler system is in dire need of repair.

Irregularity of Water Pressure

If your sprinkler is delivering too or very little pressure, your lawn and plants are not receiving the adequate amount of water they need. On the other hand, too much pressure will not only damage your plants and outdoor furniture, it will also wear out your sprinkler system in no time. The problem could be caused by a broken control valve or regulator, especially if the water is dribbling out, or broken irrigation pipes.

Soggy Grass

The goal of every homeowner is to have a lush, vibrant lawn. If what you currently have is a soggy field of grass or a persistently unevenly wet lawn, then it is time to have your sprinklers checked. This can be caused by sprinkler or pipe leaks, incorrect zone settings, or a drainage issue. It is best to check if the soggy grass spots are really caused by damage or from rain or mist is during a sunny afternoon. Another way to check is if the nearby pavement is also constantly wet.

Brown Spots

The flipside of overly watered plants from a faulty sprinkler is a dehydrated or dry lawn or visibly disturbing brown spots. Dead patches of brown grass need to be treated right away because they can spread and will eventually be harder to manage. If the spray of the water is also wrong or irregular in terms of schedule and direction, plant roots can also be damaged. If this happens your plants won’t be able to absorb nutrients properly and will become vulnerable to diseases and fungal invasions.

Faulty Sprinkler Head

There is no doubt about it: Coughing or spitting sprinkler heads which can cause overwatering or underwatering is a clear cut sign of damage. The cause often lies within the internal valves and seals, dislodged or misaligned sprinkler heads, clogged pipe or head, or a huge debris or fragment got stuck inside. It is best to have an irrigation specialist take a look just to be 100% certain.

Increased Water Bills

Through years of having a sprinkler system in your home or business, you should be able to have a baseline or reasonable range of your water bills. Minor damages like small water leaks or broken sprinkler heads might be hard to detect, but your water bills never lie. If you notice a spike in the bill and other possible leak sources inside the house like toilets or faucets have been eliminated, then it is advisable to have your sprinklers checked.

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