When your sprinkler is not functioning properly, it can cause serious damage to your yard. There are plenty of different signs that could lead to needing a repair for your sprinkler system, including, but not limited to, brown patches in your yard, a lack of water pressure and soil erosion that is causing your lawn to die.

Sprinkler repair is usually a relatively inexpensive service (especially compared to the alternative, which is having a brand new sprinkler system installed). The entire process of sprinkler repair usually takes no more than a day, and your presence during the time that you sprinkler is being repaired and maintained to prevent future repairs being necessary, is not required. Sprinkler repair has a few different steps to ensure that every problem that is causing your sprinkler to malfunction is repaired.


Step One: Diagnosis

The first step to sprinkler repair is the diagnosis of any problems that are causing your sprinkler to malfunction. The sprinkler repair service will come to your house (or any other area in which the sprinkler system is installed) and do a thorough check of any problems that could be causing the sprinkler system to function at less than the maximum capacity. In order to diagnose the problem, the professional repair service will check each and every one of the sprinkler heads, as well as the timing system that your sprinkler is connected to. If the problems are not with either one of these, a deeper check of the system may be necessary, in which case the sprinkler repair service would check the piping that is located underground.


Step Two: Repairs

Depending on the problem, the sprinkler repair service will either install a new timer for the sprinkler system, install new sprinkler heads in the yard, or install new piping in order to stop any leaks and prevent your soil from being further water-logged. This is very important, as any of these steps (if left undone) would create a problem that would need to be repaired in the future.


Step Three: Maintenance

The third step of sprinkler repair includes maintenance on the entire sprinkler system. A routine maintenance check is completed in order to ensure that no further problems persist after the repairs have been completed. This is important to prevent the customer from having to spend more money on a sprinkler repair service, and the routine maintenance fixes any underlying problems that were not found in the original inspection and diagnosis of the sprinkler system.


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