Sprinkler Controller Replacement

The sprinkler controller is an important component of your irrigation system and must work properly. Georgetown Irrigation Specialists is the established and the renowned name in offering sprinkler controller replacement services in Georgetown, Texas.

Should the Sprinkler Controller be Replaced?

Sprinkler controllers help manage and control your sprinkler system operations. Electrical testing is required to verify that field wiring is correct, the controller is sending voltage to the valves, and the controller is receiving proper voltage from the transformer.

Proper diagnosis is important prior to replacing the sprinkler controller. Often problems not related to the sprinkler controller are causing the sprinkler system to not turn on. Call Georgetown Irrigation Specialists for the proper diagnosis.

Some of the related services include replacing broken sprinkler heads, adding new sprinkler heads, replacing nozzles, insuring that there is proper head to head coverage, valve testing,

Replacing or adding a rain sensor, repairing wire problems, and addressing low pressure problems.

Why Georgetown Irrigation Specialists?

  • Trusted Reputation. We are the trusted name in irrigation repair in Georgetown, Texas
  • Innovative irrigation solutions. Our main goal is to offer the best irrigation services utilizing up-to-date equipment, materials, and water savings technologies.
  • Skilled and certified manpower. With guarantee top notch results with the help of our highly qualified and skilled irrigation specialists.

Repairing sprinkler controllers is our business at Georgetown Irrigation Specialists and we are currently serving the Williamson County Texas area which include the following cities Georgetown and Sun City TX to name a few.

For Additional Controller Replacement Questions or Concerns

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