Sprinkler Controller Settings

Proper sprinkler controller settings include selecting the correct watering days, run times, programs, start times, and clock settings. Georgetown Irrigation Specialists provides a comprehensive tutorial on all sprinkler controller brands.

Why Controller Settings Important?

Sprinkler controller settings are important to insure that water isn’t wasted, settings are in compliance with the City of Georgetown and Chisolm Trail Utility District, and lawns and

Landscapes receive the proper amount of water. Setting the sprinkler controller can be a challenging and tedious job and may require assistance from the specialists.

Why Georgetown Irrigation Specialists?

  • Highly trained professionals – We make sure that our specialists have the certification, training, and knowledge to handle your sprinkler controller settings.
  • Reputable name – Georgetown Irrigation Specialists is the most trusted and established names in the irrigation solutions industry with high customer rating and approval.

Sprinkler controller settings is our business at Georgetown Irrigation Specialists and we are currently serving the Williamson County Texas area which include the following cities Georgetown and Sun City TX to name a few.

For Additional Controller Setting Questions or Concerns

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