Here at Georgetown Irrigation Specialists, we are commonly asked if there is an easy way to clean a sprinkler system. This being said we wrote this short article to cover this point.

Before you start cleaning your sprinkler system, it is ideal to be ready with backups and parts for broken heads, valves, and anything else you may need. Since there is really no exact process in cleaning, here is something you can initially follow:

Step 1 – At the first station, turn the valve on and let the sprinklers run for few minutes until the water completely fill the lines on that station.

Step 2 – While the water is running, check the sprinkler heads to see if they are clogged or not spraying properly. You can also be on the lookout for potential rust stains.

Step 3 – Now, turn off the water and check which sprinkler is the last one to stop running. This is considered as the lowest point in line. Remove the sprayer in this sprinkler head.

Step 4 – Turn the water on and let it run for several minutes to flush out debris or stones from the system line.

Step 5 – Replace the sprinkler heads, valves, or any other part if there are damaged within your irrigation system, staring from the highest to the lowest point of the line.

For additional sprinkler information and tips on the Georgetown, Sun City Texas marketplace, come back and visit us often. Have a good day.