Having rust could mean the death of an irrigation system – and this is not just being dramatic. If rust or iron contaminates your water system and the water touches parts of your house such as driveways, sidewalks, fences, drainages, and almost anything with metal, then you are already in trouble and it is time to act fast. One of the worst-case scenarios is that rust can lead to plugging up of sprinkler heads and faucets, which may mean extensive repair and cost.

What Causes Rust Stains?

Those looming, moldy reddish brown stains that we call rust are the most common problems in patios, sidewalks, siding, door frames, walkways, stepping stones, and window frames, especially if the irrigation water has very high iron content.

If your irrigation system has been infected, then its spray will include iron particles, which will then be combined with air and result to rust stains. Iron stains could also land on your vehicle, from a small bike to a commercial truck, or items left on the lawn or near the porch like toys and gardening tools.

Iron is a chemical substance that can be found on soil and groundwater. When this element is exposed to moisture and air, it rusts or oxidizes which will produce rust stains. These stains can be very hard to deal with and remove, especially if you let it develop and spread over time.

What to Do to Remove Iron Stains?

Initially, you need to find out the items with iron or rust and those that have likely spread the stain. It is highly recommended for you to do a water analysis in order to treat the water and remove the iron completely.

For instance, you need to determine how many gallons of water are used every day and figure out the peak flow rate in gallons every minute (GPM). When you are knowledgeable enough about these things, then you can identify the best method to eliminate rust. Remember that in order to remove iron completely and efficiently, it needs to be filtered out and oxidized. You can use manganese dioxide or other catalytic elements, which react with iron for filtering.

This, however, requires not only a keen eye, but also experience and technical know-how in water system and irrigation.

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