If you own a home sprinkler, and something seems to keep it from reaching its maximum potential, you may need to hire a repair service for your sprinkler system. A sprinkler repair service is very cheap compared to having an entire sprinkler installed in the place of the old one, so there is no need for concern that you will end up spending more money on the repair for your sprinkler than if you simply had another one installed. Below are a few ways to tell if you are in need of sprinkler repair.


Low Water Pressure 

The first key point to look for that would point to a sprinkler repair service being necessary is a lower water pressure than when the sprinkler system was first installed. Low water pressure can be due to a variety of different sources, but most likely there is a leak somewhere underground that is not only lowering the water pressure of the overall sprinkler system, but is also damaging your yard and the area that you cannot see underground by over-watering these areas. This can be destructive to your yard, and rather than having a sprinkler system that helps your yard in the long run, this can actually do the opposite.


Brown Patches

If you have brown patches of grass in your yard that appears to be dying, your sprinkler system may need to be repaired. Once again, this can be from a variety of different sources, ranging from a lack of water pressure meaning that the water will not reach these parts of the yard, or a broken water sprinkler-head that is not putting out any water.


Sprinkling at the Wrong Times

If your sprinkler is on a timer, and the timer seems to be malfunctioning, you may need a sprinkler repair service to fix the timer. There are many different reasons that a timer may not be functioning correctly, but most often it will need to be replaced.


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