When choosing a sprinkler package, there are numerous options available that make it difficult for you to select one on your own. For this reason, the professionals Georgetown Irrigation Specialists, deals in sprinklers and sprinkler repairs in Georgetown and Sun City, Texas, by conducting an analysis that helps you decide which system will best suit which type of land. Once this is done, your customized package is created.

If you don’t know what to expect from a provider dealing in sprinkler repairs in Georgetown, TX, when buying a new sprinkler, here is the list defining the procedure.

Size of the Nozzle

It is the size of the nozzle that determines the sprinkler flow rate. Based on the area of the land that needs irrigation, a particular nozzle size will be needed. The flow rate for each sprinkler will depend on the nozzle size only. The sprinkler repair professional in Georgetown and Sun City, Texas, you hire will be able to determine this accurately.


For an undeviating water application, a well-designed sprinkler system is needed. Provided it is done correctly and if the adjacent sprinkler patterns overlap, they can increase the efficiency of the system. The uniformity reduces if the space is too wide. However, spacing that is too close may give diminishing returns because of the additional cost of extra sprinklers. Changes to sprinkler spacing can be made along the length of the machine to fulfill the goals of water application.


The amount of energy to propel water across the irrigation machine, i.e., pressure requirements, depends on field elevation.

Remember, if the pressure being supplied to your machine is more or less than what the machine can actually take, you are exposed to potential water application problems. So, make sure you hire certified professionals for sprinkler installation and repairs in Georgetown.

Soil Type

There are numerous sprinkler options because different types of soil require varying water patterns and droplet sizes. Averting runoff and ponding is very important if you want your sprinklers to perform perfectly. This implies that the sprinklers with large water patterns and a droplet size that is light in impact on the surface of the soil should be preferred. But you must also ensure that it resists wind drifts and evaporation.

A high-end sprinkler will have all of the above-mentioned factors. In addition, minute and unnoticeable variations made to the deflector pad, sprinkler operating pressure, and spacing allow the professionals to modify a sprinkler package to fit a particular land.

Machine Flow Rate

The professionals you hire must validate that the machine and sprinkler package you are given has enough ability to supply adequate water to irrigate the crops on your land. There are 4 factors that help determine this. These include:

  • The climate
  • Environment
  • Requirements of crop water
  • Irrigation area

To get the most of your yard, lawn, or crop with the least possible water loss, the professionals of sprinklers and sprinkler repairs in Georgetown and Sun City, Texas, must take all four of these factors into account. They will only be able to create appropriate flow rate for your system when they know the type of your field.

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