To make sure that you irrigate your yard or land properly, you must know about the basics. After all, your yard makes the first impression of your home.

Here are a few important things you should know about sprinklers.


You are not a sprinkler expert nor certified by the State of Texas for Irrigation. It is imperative that you only trust the professionals who are licensed to work with your sprinkler to prevent any issues with the State or city. This will not only save time and effort but will also help increase the life of the system.


When watering your plants or lawn, make sure that the water pressure is high. For this purpose, you have to be careful about the maximum efficiency of your sprinkler. The sprinklers are often marked for maximum levels, so make sure you don’t overpower the pumps.


Fixed and rotary are the two types of sprinkler heads that yield different amounts of water. If, by any means, both the heads are mixed, they can cause big trouble for your newly installed sprinkler system. Ensure you accurately know which heads you have and how they should be used. If you are unsure, it is better to consult a professional for sprinkler repair in Georgetown and Sun City, Texas.


Tree roots can cause inevitable problems when installing a sprinkler system. The professionals you hire will check the surrounding areas and look for ideas to avoid these problems.


The valves or solenoids regulate every zone of your yard. They let water inside and close the supply after a specified time span. They are controlled by low-voltage wiring and are the heart of your system. This makes it important for you to often check these valves for any problems.


While it is easy and tempting to just splash water all over your property, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. There are zones that don’t allow watering, and if there are any trips, slips, or falls, you’ll be held responsible.

The Right Time for Watering

While watering at night may seem to be a nice idea since nobody is using your lawn during those hours, there are several important and practical reasons you should do this during the day. If you water at night, mold and mildew can form because of excessive moisture in the air. This, on the other hand, is prevented if watering is done during the day as excessive moisture is evaporated by the sun.

Rain Sensors

A rain sensor keeps you from having to spend money on your lawn’s over-saturation. The sensors are attached, and they automatically shut the system down when there has been adequate rainfall.

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