If you have a sprinkler system, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do anything. It can be quite the effort to turn it off in winter and open it again in spring. If you know how to prepare your sprinkler system for this season, you only need to think about not hitting your sprinkler heads with your lawnmower here in the Sun City, Georgetown area.

Depending on the size of your lawn, the sprinkler heads, and your sprinkler system’s condition, it can take up to 2 hours. That said, here’s how you can prepare your sprinkler system for the upcoming spring season:

1. Turn On the Main Sprinkler Control Panel

The main irrigation control panel is the brain of your sprinkler system. This is usually found in the garage of the house or outside. After turning this on make sure to check the settings i.e. the date, time, and irrigation areas are correct.

It is recommended to change the batteries if it has not been used for half of the year. Since not all control panels are made the same, you should check your sprinkler system’s manual.

2. Clean the Sprinkler Heads

This is the method you should mainly focus on, especially if you have a large lawn. You need to check if there’s any damage to the sprinkler and make sure to thoroughly clean the nozzles in the process. When you clean them, also make sure that the valves are shut. You can use an old toothbrush to do the cleaning.

3. Gradually Open the Main Valve

This is the step where most beginners usually make an expensive and serious mistake. If the valve is opened too fast, a sudden rush of water and air will come out of the sprinkler system. As a result of this pressure, the pipes get cracked, the valves get broken, and the sprinkler heads come off.

It is highly important to slowly turn on the main valve. Do this until you hear water flowing and wait for a few minutes until the water reaches the mainline. Then, turn the valve slowly in intervals until it’s completely open.


If you have an issue on getting your sprinkler system ready for Spring don’t stress for Georgetown Irrigation Specialist is here to help. Currently we are taking on new clients here in the Georgetown, Sun City Texas area. So call us today and schedule an appointment.