At Georgetown Irrigation Specialists, we are asked about general and practical watering tips for lawns, shrubs, plants, and trees alike on a regular basis. So in continuation of the previous article, we figure we would provide more specifics for trees less than 2 years of age in Sun City, Georgetown Texas area.

Since the tree has only been through just a few seasons, a lot of its energy is being spent to establish a solid root foundation within your soil. For without a solid root foundation the first couple of summers will be hardest and most trying for the young tree because of the intense high heats, which is traditionally, achieve during this time of the year.

So to prevent any unwanted losses it is recommended in the industry to cover the soil around the tree with wood chip mulch and to provide deep water to help and promote root establishment. (Deep Water – is making the soil or dirt moist to the depth where it hits all the tree roots.)

However keep in mind too much water can be just as harmful as not enough for it could drown the tree and kill it. Hence a common a mistake for most new tree owners is over watering.

Be cautious and aware there is a general difference when we mention moist vs. soggy.

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