“Do I need to worry about winterizing my sprinklers?” This is one of the most popular questions we at Georgetown Irrigation Specialists encounter here in Georgetown and Sun City. In our years of service, after witnessing countless sprinklers getting damaged during the colder season, our answer is still a resounding “Yes.” Part of the responsibilities of having a sprinkler system is preparing it for winter. Now the question is: What happens when it is not winterized?

For those of you who are not familiar with the practice, winterization is the process of removing all the water in your entire sprinkler system, including the head, pipes, valve, and pumps, before it freezes and results to damage and costly repairs come spring. This involves “blowing out” the zones by hooking up the air compressor to the main valve. Some people still prefer to manually drain their pipes, which can also work if the people involved are professionals. On the other hand, the pipes are also recommended to be insulated to avoid future problems.

Blowing air through the pipes and ensuring that there is not a puddle left helps homeowners gain a sense of reassurance that their sprinklers are safe. Many people ignore winterization because they underestimate the freezing weather. As winter progresses, the frost level sinks deeper into the soil, which means higher possibility that it will reach underground, where your pipes are located.

If your pipes haven’t been winterized, they can easily crack, warp, erode, or shatter and cause leaks in spring. Even galvanized pipes, which are known for their durability, can split as years go by. You would be lucky if only 10 feet of the pipe was broken during winter, since anything more than that will require replacement, which can get very expensive.

The backflow preventer valve, which keeps the irrigation water from mixing in with drinking water, can also be broken. Its replacement will also set you back by hundreds of dollars. Unfortunately, companies often do not honor warranties if the sprinkler system has not been winterized.

We at Georgetown Irrigation Specialists understand that not everybody has to time to personally winterize their sprinkler system. This is why our services include making sure that residential and commercial sprinklers in Georgetown or Sun City, Texas are ready for winter. Does your system need winterization? Please call (512) 864-1375 now so we can assist you right away.