In order to provide clarity on these terms, we decided to provide additional information for our clients and readers here in Sun City, Georgetown Texas area.

What is Moist?

Moist is defined as being damp; it can traditionally dry in a relative short period of time. This also allows adequate amounts of oxygen to permeate the dirt or soil surrounding the tree, plant, shrub, or lawn.

What is Soggy?

Soggy traditionally refers to standing water or water that cannot dry or go away in a relative short amount of time.

However if you are still unsure after reading these general definitions then you may to do a trowel test next to designated plant, tree, or shrub.

Trowel Test?

The trowel test is essentially you insert a garden trowel into the soil about 2 inches deep to create a small narrow trench. Once this trench has been created run your finger along the soil or dirt. If this dirt or soil is moist then you don’t need water but if it is pooling then you watered too much.

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