When you hire a sprinkler repair service, they will first come out to examine the entire sprinkler system to see where the problem lies. If your sprinkler system have a busted pipe then, it may be necessary to dig up the piping to fix the leak or the pipe itself. Leaks not only decrease water pressure, but also can damage your yard by flooding the soil underneath the ground. This is very harmful to your yard, but by fixing this problem, the sprinkler repair service will save both your grass and your yard from falling into soil corrosion from the over-watering of the leak.

Often times, the problem is either located with the timer system that your sprinkler runs on, or with the sprinkler heads that rise above the soil in order to water the topsoil and grass. If a sprinkler repair service finds an issue with either one of these, the entire process will be much quicker and cheaper. However, if this does not fix the problem, they may still have to dig up the piping and replace the busted pipes in order to fully repair your sprinkler system.


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